Securing Your Luxury Mountain Home

Feb 29, 2020

You’ve worked hard to provide your family with some of the creature comforts that give life color. For those who own luxury homes in Winter Park Co, this means everything from garaged snowmobiles to high-end art. Whether you plan to use your Grand County home as a vacation hot spot or stay in the area full time, you’ll want to know about these four ways to secure your family and property using smart home technology.


1.  Select the Right Security Cameras


Surveillance cameras play a huge role in any good security system, and today’s options give you more coverage and flexibility than ever before. Start by selecting the exterior and interior areas where you need coverage the most.

Choose high-definition, exterior cameras that are equipped with the latest night-vision technology to capture crisp pictures even in dim lighting. Curb appeal is what attracts many buyers to luxury homes for sale Winter Park Co. You’ll want wireless outdoor security cameras that don’t detract from your property’s appearance and that can’t be sabotaged by a savvy crook with a pair of wire cutters.

Interior cameras that are monitored and controlled through an application on your phone is often the best way to keep track of happenings inside your home while you’re away. ADT, Nest, and Protect America offer some of the best security cameras for smart home use.


2.  Make Motion Detection a Priority


Whether you purchase a home security system a la carte or as a package, you’ll more than likely install motion detectors in and around your home. When motion sensors are triggered near a door, you’ll get an alert to your phone that someone is at your doorstep. When an alarmed window’s motion detector is tripped, you’ll get a phone notification. A loud alarm will also sound to scare off intruders and alert your neighbors. Many luxury homes for sale in Grand County Co are already equipped with motion sensor-based smart home security systems.


3.  Put Lights on Timers


Luxury mountain homes in Winter Park, Co & the surrounding areas, are often used as second homes by people who want the best of both worlds. High-speed, weekday careers in the city give way to some of the country’s most exhilarating skiing and hiking adventures on weekends. However, burglars and squatters can take notice of your schedule and grant themselves a vacation in your mountain home while you’re hard at work miles away. Programming indoor and outdoor lights to turn on when you’re not home is an effective way to deter break-ins. With smart home technology, you can set a timer to turn lights on automatically, or you can manually turn lights on and off remotely from your phone.


4.  Install Programmable Locks

When owning a Luxury Mountain home Winter Park Co, expect to see a lot of action from maintenance technicians, cleaning staff, and even short-term guests. Homeowners who want great service without compromising home security get programmable locks. Programmable locks let you give guests a temporary code to enter your home. When the guest no longer needs access to your house, you just delete the code.




Besides these high-tech ways of keeping your property safe from would-be thieves and squatters, you’ll still want to defend your family and valuables the old-fashioned way. Developing strong relationships with your (nearest) neighbors, keeping your property’s exterior well maintained, and installing high-quality doors are just some other ways to avoid unwanted attention by burglars.

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